is an international community of professionals who have
succeeded in various economic areas.

The main idea behind

is to provide access to the global network of market leaders and professionals in order to ensure business growth.

About us

Our Vision Our Vision:

All the world is a play field

Our vision calls us to create a powerful, effective and efficient network represented in all four parts of the world, covering all business areas and working for the benefit of its members.

Mission Mission:

Growth for your business

We encourage and develop trade and commercial relationships among members of our community, create long-term partnerships among our participants all over the world. Community members share with each other their knowledge and experience by joining their efforts in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.


The main value for us is the members of THE ANCHOR GROUP: Members of our community is above all.

Business safety among THE ANCHOR GROUP members is an all-time priority.

Mutual respect and care among THE ANCHOR GROUP members, business needs of each participant.

Drive for the best and most suitable choice for each member of THE ANCHOR GROUP and all community members as a whole, always considering individual needs and wishes.

Power of Diversity:
Respect for individuality

A global network in the modern world can thrive if it respects different cultures as well as individual capabilities. We help our community members find mutually beneficial solutions through understanding of each other's distinctive features in a broad trans-cultural environment.

Work in a team is always an advantage

The establishment of individual potentials and skills in our members is the source of or strength. As a member of THE ANCHOR GROUP, everyone can fully benefit from the knowledge and experience of the rest of the community.

Professional Perfection:
Leaders only

Quality services based on the accumulated experience and profound knowledge.

Adaptation of attitudes to the world

THE ANCHOR GROUP members know how to promote business, using the best practices from all over the world while showing respect for local systems of values.


Anchor group


The official representative office of THE ANCHOR GROUP in Ukraine is established with an aim to facilitate the communication between Ukrainian companies and entrepreneurs with the representatives of the global community, members of THE ANCHOR GROUP network.

Our aim is promotion, and further support of interests of the Ukrainian official authorities’ representatives, members of corporate business, private entrepreneurs among other participants of THE ANCHOR GROUP global network.

For the international participants and members of THE ANCHOR GROUP the Ukrainian Office plays the role of bridge, that allows to find in a quick and safe way the solutions among the representatives of Ukrainian official and business areas.

Safety and security of cooperation, protection of the interests of THE ANCHOR GROUP MEMBERS – are the key priorities and basic principles of our work.

Our partners